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Managers Corner



When games or practices on the League’s fields are cancelled due to inclement weather, a message will either be put on the League Hotline 908-823-0566 by 4:15 pm that day or “closed” signs will be placed on the fields. Email & text blasts will also be made simultaneously to League members, managers and coaches of field status and/or closings.

League Rules

These rules supersede any other rules in the bylaws, or Cal Ripken rules

How to enter scores, attendance and pitch counts


Immediate email to   cc 

and call:

  • Tony (Text only)  732-904-6150

  • Ron (Text first, call 2nd)  732-829-8036

Umpire Stipends and Procedures

2018 Umpire Stipends:

Umpires are scheduled through the Central Jersey Umpires Association

Travel managers pay cash at the game.  Rec managers do not pay at all.   The league will get invoiced later.

For the Rec league we will have one ump at all divisions except M70 and BR.  Travel managers can request either.

60/90 two man:$65 per ump, one man: $85
50/70 two man:$55 per ump, one man: $70
46/60 two man:$50 per ump, one man: $65

If an umpire does not show or for any last minute cancellations for travel games: Immediate email to:  cc 

and call:

Tony (Text only)  732-904-6150

Ron (Text first, call 2nd)  732-829-8036

Any overall issues please contact RTJBL Chief of Umpires at  If an ump does not show up please let us know, so we are not responsible for paying them. 

Rutgers Safety Course Website

Click on calendar on website to view locations for the Rutgers Safety Course.

How to edit game details

League Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Minutes of RTJBL meeting of June 6, 2012

23 members in attendance, plus all 6 executive board members 

Mike H: financials...we are on target. Revenues a little lighter with no Memorial Day tournament. If you have extra umpire money please return.
Tom: offers moment of silence for DiLello, Del Gaizo and LaTournous families for their recent losses. Friday June 8 will be hard stop on regular season games. Playoffs on Saturday, June 9. Golf outing on Monday, June 11. All-star events on Saturday, June 16. Major 60 at 12:30; Coaches game at 3pm, then 1st HR trophies awarded, then HR derby, Major 70 game and raffle announcements
John F: Dinner dance was a success--raised $2700. Sponsorship in excess of 23K, Plaques will be here in a couple of days. We will send out thank you cards. Will give Melissa May a game ball and invite her to golf outing dinner. Raffle tickets to be picked on June 16. Golf outing on June 11 with various prizes available. 53 golfers so far (38 paid)....BBQ and beer. Make dinner if you can't play golf. Shotgun start at noon. Tom also mentions importance of golf event to the league.
Tom M: background check not implemented in time for 2012. We will offer refunds for those who paid. Talks about injury that took place on the field three weeks earlier at a game. Summer tournament slowly coming along. 4 teams registered at 8u and 12u. We will host 11u districts. Major 70 teams helping out HOPS program. Everyone has enjoyed it and virtual 100% attendance. Forming an ad hoc committee to discuss various aspects of the program.
Swanny: Apologizes for Cirnhuskers. Town dropped ball on it. If you have games, plan on helping with field preps. Talks about pitching mound plugs. Should be either on top shelf of home dugout or in shed. Be dilligent on cleanup. Branchburg has electric machines. Our budget is reason why we have manual ones. Garbage was finally picked up today. Some discussion about plugs for the mound. Some kids have been doing "donuts" in parking lot and fields. Outfield gates have chains but are movable.
Tom: Thanks all for cleanup of bathrooms and fields. Tom Agello of FBA (an umpire) has requested use for his team to use our 90 foot field. If anyone is interested in summer ball and clinics let us know. There will be an 11u travel league playing at RR.
Discussion to upgrade Babe Ruth shirts. Need a new tree at the "Love of the Game" sign.
Dennis O'Neill talked about umpires. No problems. Tony Woods talked about success of Babe Ruth 16-18 team.
Next meeting on September 5

RTJBL meeting minutes for Wednesday, September 12

5 executive board members in attendence (Tom M, Swanny, John F, Mike H, Jim J)

8 others in attendence

-Tom M opening remarks...we accomplished more with less. Successful Little Sluggers program.

Dinner dance and golf events were successful and All-Star games were fun. During October meeting,

there will be nominations for board and committee chairs. More people need to get involved

-Mike H: we were sort on budget. Budget was 142k actual was 113k

-John F: won't hit sponsors until next year. Thank you letters will be sent out. Please make appeals to any

new businesses in town. Will have a list of new sponsors at next meeting. Golf outing was a big success,

as was dinner dance. We could use help at other events

-Tom M: 50/70 conversion at RR was a great move. Player evaluations are out. Need to be completed to

Swanny by 9/24. We are looking at software package for league administrator to have launched by Jan. 2013.

Background checks will also be in place for next year. Night out at Patriots will be on Sept.21. Nominations for

board positions will take place next month. Travel tryouts will be held on Sunday October 14 and 21.

Registration opens Dec.15. In-person registration targeted for mid-January. Rutgers safety course to be

held in mid-December.

Swanny: October 10 there will be a free CPR course at RMS. Facilities are good. I will take care of tent. Need

batting cage and L-screen repairs. CH fields will need a new layer of dirt. Will cost us $2,000. RR fields held up

fine. Need to repair sheds. Soft-toss areas are shot. People are stealing aluminum signs.

Brian Mulvaney mentioned that a parent offered to paint the snack stand.

Tom M: Diamond Nation gave us field space. Encourages all to use. Met with several people on Sept.1 to discuss

a by-law amendment. In January 2010 we instituted manditory play-down rule. Discuss was to repeal the

manditory play down. A lengthy discussion followed


-All 6 exec. board members in attendence. 25 others in attendence
-Tom M makes plea for dinner dance on Friday May 4
-Tom explained a recent Readington News article about the 63 year history of the league; also discussed HOPS program
-Jim read April minutes and they were approved
-Mike H went over expenses. We were overbudget on registration. Said that the snackstand will be supervised. Made plea to keep
young kids out of snack stand. Workers have been good about not overmaking food.
-Swanny explained that snackstand expenses are high early with bulk purchases such as Gatorade. More snackstand discussion followed
-John F mentioned dinner dance upcoming on Friday. Picture day Saturday May 12 with a rain date of 5/19. Golf outing on June 11. 36 have paid so far. Looking for help with prizes.
-Tom also mentioned that picture day is Grandparents day.
-Tom mentioned that there is a delay in the background check. Stay alert for update.
-Tom:Opening Day was a great success.
-Tom:Dan Morigello will do a clinic later in the year.
-Tom:Nitin doing a great job with Rookie-1. Babe Ruth opening Day was April 21. Pitch/Hit/Run on April 27 was a success. Parade coming up on May 28. Looking for volunteers to run it.
-Tom:Trophies this year will be given to minors and below. Home run trophies will be given to players who hit their first HR.
-please report scorers.
-will decide on Memorial Day tournament this weekend
-Rich: Summer Tournament is alive.
-Tom: ad hoc committee will look at travel program and by-laws. Key dates also mentioned
-Swanny: facilities look great. Managers have done a good job with cleanup. Snack stand must be locked. Responsibility list is posted in snack stand. Tabs on mound must be put in. Liners need to be replaced. Recycling needs to go in recycle bin. Garbage goes inside. Call me if any maintenance issues. Bullpen mound is missing!
-Tom: pesticide spray on Monday. Little Sluggers had to cancel. Rec dept will now send out updates daily on cancelled games.
-Swanny: Call our hotline first. We can fix Cornhuskers if need be
-Guy Francfort mentioned that ump showed up looking for gear. Tony Woods mentioned an ump being "dressed down". Also some discussion about the schedule. Minor scheduling glitch corrected. Much discussion about the umpires.
-Mike Hickey had idea to state that last month's minutes be posted and no need to read.

For those of you that would like a really easy way to keep track of you child's schedule and any last minute updates or changes.  Download the Sports Ngin App.  It's free and with this short video and or PDF we will walk you though how your smart phone can help keep your schedule organized.

Click the link below, or you can watch it on this page below.

All coaches are REQUIRED to be certified through Rutgers Safety

If you have not completed the course previously; you must in order to take the field with our league players. There is a class being offered through the recreation Department on April 5th, 2017 @ the Readington Middle School (6:30pm to 9:30pm)


REGISTRATION Is REQUIRED - Please read the details thoroughly once you click the link that brings you to the Rec. site as they are different based on whether or not you coach a Recreation sport in addition to Baseball in our league.