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Family Work

Family Work Bond

As communicated in the season kick off league meeting we are continuing forward with the family work bond. There’s a great deal of work that goes into making our league a success; on and off the field. As a volunteer organization we rely on our league members to serve the needs of our players, coordinate and manage all day to day activities related to our leagues existence. Including monthly meetings, league logistics; insurance, organizational memberships, registration with Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, community outreach, safety and support and maintenance of our snack stand and ball fields. 

What is a work bond? It is a promise to serve our league as a volunteer in some capacity. The promise is made with a payment to the league in advance of the season and in addition to the season’s player registration fee.

How much is the work bond? The work bond is $100 (1 time per family per season)  When is it due? At the time of player registration.

How do families pay for the work bond? Through credit card online payment process during player registration

How do families satisfy their work bond requirements? Fulfilling 4 hours of time in various volunteer activities throughout the baseball year.

Who is required to pay the season work bond? Every family of RTJBL that has a player in the league.

  • Families with multiple children in the league will only pay one bond per season
  • RTJBL Board Members, Committee Chair Members, Approved Managers and three assisting coaches per team will have their bonds fee waived {as they put forth time equal to and or beyond the four hours throughout the season}. 
  • Coaches should check the coaches registration form for more information, their bond will be returned after satisfying requirements throughout the season.


How do families satisfy their work bond requirements? Fulfilling 4 hours of time in various volunteer activities throughput the league What opportunities are there to fulfill the 4 hours? 

Annual clean-up day March 24, 2019
Opening day preparations Week leading into Opening day
Opening day April 13, 2019 
Team equipment and uniforms coordination  March 3, 2019 12:30pm Sign Up Genius will be sent first 6 to register
Player and coach clinics March 9, 16 Coaches only Players ages 6-12 March 23rd ALL clinics 12:30-2pm @ Zoned
Season grounds clean up Varies Weekends throughout the season
Tournament prep and support during tournament hosting days Varies Weekends to be announced
Community/Family day  June 15, 2019 
Playoff and championship events  To be announced
Season closing ceremonies preparations To be announced


League Meetings

January 9th (at Old Turnpike School, Tewksbury), March 6th ( at RMS), May 8th ( at RMS), June 5th (at RMS)