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Linking Accounts to Receive the Same Messages


Linking Accounts to Receive the Same Messages

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017 11:06AM CDT

You may want more than one person to receive the same messages sent from a player's team. You can do this by linking another SportsEngine account to the athlete's profile. By doing so, the linked account will receive a copy of all messages sent to the athlete. This would be helpful if a parent has a separate SportsEngine account from their child and would like to receive all messages sent to the child. Also, this would be helpful in situations where parents are in different households and both need to receive the same communications.

CLICK HERE to update or add email contact to your SportsEngine Account.

How to Link an additional SportsEngine Account

  1. Access your Organization’s SportsEngine Website.
  2. Login using your SportsEngine username and password. 
  3. On the top navigation, click Profile or Household.
  4. Select the profile of the child to which you want to link your account so you will also receive the messages sent to the child. 
  5. Verify that an email address is included in the Contact Information. If one isn't listed, click Add Email Address and enter the email address. This email address will be used to link the accounts together.
  6. On the bottom left, in the Linked Accounts section, click Add. 
  7. Enter the email address that you would like to link and click Send Invitation. Until the other user accepts the invitation, it will display Pending Acceptance by their name in the Linked Accounts section.  
  8. If you would like to CC an email address without a SportsEngine Account, you can add a secondary email address to your account by clicking add a secondary email address.