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League Update

RTJBL Families,

We hope this email finds you well.  We wanted to update you on our recent survey and next steps in regards to the rec season.   Our spring rec season is officially cancelled.  We are looking to do a summer rec season and, based on the survey results, it looks like there is enough interest to do so in the event that social distancing guidelines are reduced.

Thanks to all of you who took the survey;  we had a great response.  Approximately 185 families in our 300 player league participated and some families have multiple children in the league.

The survey results showed that approximately 25% of families do not wish to participate and want a refund.   We have reviewed the rosters of each division and that leaves us with a solid group of players to have rec games even if the games conflict with travel games.  The survey was based on hypotheticals and even if social guidelines are reduced, some of you still may change your mind about playing and that is fine.

We are still in a holding pattern and do not know when we will be allowed to get back to baseball, if at all.  We have many plans in place on how we could do so safely, as well as follow any guidelines that come with us being allowed back on the field.   We will share more as things develop and please feel free to share any that you may have also.

Below you will find a link to a ‘registration event’.   If you are logged in to the RTJBL website you should have your childs name there to click on to register.   If you have multiple children you will be asked at the end of each registration to register another player.  

It is a very simple registration, first question asking if you are interested in playing summer rec if possible.   There are two choices for no interest; one option is to receive a refund minus any uniform and startup costs and the other option is to donate your registration back to the league.  At this time we are not rolling over any registration into next season; unfortunately the software does not allow us to ‘credit’ your account for next year.  

If you are interested in possibly playing in the summer we will ask a few more questions about your division and spring team assignment.   We have posted the team assignments for R1-M70 on the home page in case you do not recall.  If you can’t find your child or are in Little Sluggers or Babe Ruth just leave the team name blank.

The refunds may take some time to receive.  We need to get final costs on pre-purchased uniforms and the shirt distributor and printer are currently closed.  If anyone has a financial hardship please reach out to the email below.

For everyone who is interested in possibly playing, we will send updates as we receive more recommendations from the state government and local officials.  In the meantime please try and get the kids some workouts at home.   If your child is a pitcher, work on his pitching starting out at 15 pitches or so.  After a few days rest, continue to slowly increase the number of pitches with multiple days rest in between.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please reach out to the email below.

Thanks and stay safe,

RTJBL Executive Board


When games or practices on the League’s fields are cancelled due to inclement weather, a message will either be put on the League Hotline 908-823-0566 by 4:15 pm that day or “closed” signs will be placed on the fields. Email & text blasts will also be made simultaneously to League members, managers and coaches of field status and/or closings.

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Family Work Bond 

As communicated in league meetings over the past several months, and through emails; we are incorporating a family work bond into our league. There’s a great deal of work that goes into making our league a success; on and off the field. As a volunteer organization we rely on our league members to serve the needs of our players, coordinate and manage all day to day activities related to our leagues existence. Including monthly meetings, league logistics; insurance, organizational memberships, registration with Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, community outreach, safety and support and maintenance of our snack stand and ball fields.  

While a work bond is new to RTJBL, it is a fairly common practice in baseball leagues across the US to assist leagues in improving, and expanding the services they offer their league members.

What is a work bond? It is a promise to serve our league as a volunteer in some capacity. The promise is made with a payment to the league in advance of the season and in addition to the season’s player registration fee. 

How much is the work bond? The work bond is $100 (1 time per family per season) 

When is it due? At the time of player registration

How do families pay for the work bond? Through credit card online payment process during player registration

How do families satisfy their work bond requirements? Fulfilling 4 hours of time in various volunteer activities throughout the league

Who is required to pay the season work bond? Every family of RTJBL that has a player registered, will be required to participate in the work bond process

  • Families with multiple children in the league will only pay one bond per season.
  • RTJBL Board Members, Committee Chair Members, Approved Managers and one assisting coach per team will have their bonds fee waived {as they put forth time equal to and or beyond the four hours throughout the season}


All the details will be posted on our website home page: Details will include; options to fulfill your hours, how to satisfy the bond, what are the end of season processes related to unfilled bond hours, fulfilled ones etc.

New Bat Rules

Approved Bats - Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball.

  • - Cal Ripken Division - All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking. The Barrel Maximum is  2 5/8".   No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division.  For the T-Ball Division, bats must be marked with the USABat T-Ball Stamp. 


  • Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15 Division – All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking or marked BBCOR .50.  Bat Barrel - 2 5/8". 


  • Babe Ruth Baseball 16-18 Division - All non-wood bats MUST be a BBCOR .50 and no greater than a -3.  Barrel - 2 5/8".

Readington Tewksbury Junior Baseball League (RTJBL) is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, New Jersey non-profit corporation dedicated to providing the children of Readington Township and Tewksbury Township with a safe and structured environment to learn and play the game of baseball. We have 7 levels/divisions of play which are as follows: Little Sluggers, Rookie-1, Rookie-2, Minors, Major 60, Major 70 and Babe Ruth.  We are a Co-ed program for children ages 4-18.

The Recreation Season generally runs from mid-April (Opening Day) to the third week of June. Practices usually start in late March, weather permitting. Teams will play a full 14-16 game schedule, with playoffs and championship games held in our Minors, Major 60, Major 70 & Babe Ruth Divisions.  Our annual "Division Championship Game Week" begins about the second week of June, with the Division Championship Games.

The Travel Baseball Program's season, whose teams for the 8U-16U age levels are generally selected by try-outs held in mid-October of the fall preceding the upcoming recreation season, is typically from around June 15th to July 31st of each year. Depending on the travel team/manager, travel tournament and/or league play may continue through fall ball programs offered in the region in September through October 31st. (Tryouts for the incoming 8U and 14U travel baseball teams will be held in March of the upcoming recreation season).  For more information on the League’s Travel Program, please go to that section of the web page.

If games or practices on the League’s fields are cancelled due to inclement weather, a message will either be put on the League Hotline 908-823-0566 weekdays by 4:15 pm and 7:30am on weekends, that day or “closed” signs will be placed on the fields. We will look to compliment the weather hotline with Email blasts to League members, managers and coaches of field status and/or closings.

The League uses a number of fields throughout our Townships. These fields include those at the Railroad Avenue Complex which has two fields that are interchangeable for 60' and 70' usage and one 90’ field and is the primary complex for the League. In addition, two 60’ fields (one of which is interchangeable for 70' usage) are used at the Cornhuskers field complex which is located off Readington Road, a short distance from where it intersects with Route 523. The League also uses another 90’ field behind Readington Middle School as well as 60’ fields at Pickell Park Complex. With the addition of the Tewksbury Township also comes with access to their Oldwick and Tewksbury Fields. Directions to any of these fields can be found by going to the Field Directions section of the web page.

The League is governed by a formal set of By-Laws which can be viewed by downloading as a file attachment from the By-Laws Icon. The primary decision-making body of the League is the Executive Board, which is elected once a year each November. The Executive Board is comprised of the League President, Executive-Vice President of League Operations, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Facilities, VP of Tournament Baseball and Training, VP of Sponsorship and the VP of Financial Affairs/League Treasurer. The Executive Board is assisted in running the League by the Voting Council which is comprised of all Executive Board Members plus the League Directors for each division, the Registration Chairperson, the Schedule Chairperson, the Snack Stand Chairperson, the Chief of Umpires, the Sponsorship Chairperson, Summer Tournament Chairperson, and Equipment Chairperson. With the exception of the Chairman of the Manager Selection Committee, which is appointed by the President, all Voting Council positions are annually elected positions or, in the absence of anyone running are appointments by the Executive Board. Any By-Law Amendments or capital expenditures over certain dollar amounts can only be approved by majority vote of the Voting Council.

Except for July and August where there are no meetings, the League meets the first Wednesday of every month usually at the Readington Middle School at 7:30 pm, except for May and June when the meeting starts at 8:00 pm. All are welcomed to attend. The League is always looking for new members and volunteers and the best way to get involved is to attend the monthly League meetings. Also, to learn more about the League it is encouraged that you read the League By-Laws. 

The Readington Township Junior Baseball League is run by volunteers. All the registration fees collected, as well as other sources of revenue for the league are used to purchase uniforms, equipment, and insurance, pay umpire fees and maintain and improve the fields that we utilize.

Should anyone be interested in managing or coaching a team, this should be marked where appropriate on your child’s registration form and returned to the League at the beginning of each year’s registration period. Separate application must be made on-line and the form can be accessed at the "Application Forms" tab on this website. All first time manager applicants will be interviewed by the Manager Selection Committee and if recommended for a team, appointment is subject to approval by the League Executive Board.

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